We offer pre-employment screening to complement your company’s unique hiring system.

No two companies are the same, and neither are the processes when they hire people.

When you’re hiring for those key positions, the ones that are given the most trust, authority, and access to sensitive data, you want as much relevant information as you can get. Employees in high-level positions that have been given the most trust and most authorities are most likely to cause damage to the organization.

Bennie is highly-experienced and skilled at digging into the background of your prospective employees. A personal interview with the candidate is a part of the process, but for the most part, Bennie focuses on outside methods of finding information.

We look into past behaviour in the workplace, any irregular financial activity, and can even uncover past drug use. Any form of theft or data leakage is devastating, but nothing is more devastating to an organization than the fraud perpetrated by one or more of the organization’s own employees. Not only is the financial damage often serious, but it also creates a culture of distrust and uneasiness.

Preventing these incidents in the first place is essential to maintaining the good working atmosphere that you and your employees’ value. 

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